How to assemble

1.How to assemble(e.g. Oil drums)

1)Scoring:Score the fold lines with a ball point awl and ruler.
2)Cutting:Follow the “2.Signs and Terms used” to cut the papercraft templates that exists on my website.
3)Painting:Paint those cut lines with colored markers or colored pencils.
4)Folding and Bending:Refer to the figure below to bend the papercraft templates.
5)Gluing①:Glue the gluing tabs following the guide sign of “2.Signs and Terms used” or the individual assembly instructions.
6)Pressing:Press the red seam line with a metal ball tool referring to the figure below. This makes it less noticeable than before.
7)Gluing②:5) as well.
8)Removing:If the surface gets dirty with glue, you can make it less noticeable with “a cotton swab and lacquer thinner”.
9)Spraying:If you want to store the models for a long time or change the glossiness, refer to the sprays of “materials・ tools” on my website.




4)Folding and Bending

5)Gluing ①


7)Gluing ②



2.Signs and Terms used

Solid line

(Solid line)
Cut line

Dotted line

(Dotted line)
Mountain fold

One-dot chain line

(One-dot chain line)
Valley fold

Gluing tab_Pattern1

Gluing tab

Folding tab_Pattern 2

(Pattern 2)
Folding tab

Put in_Pattern 3

(Pattern 3)
Put in

Cut out mark

Cut out mark

Cut out mark2
Gluing mark1

Gluing mark

Gluing mark2




*Please be very careful when handling a cutter knife and scissors. Also, please lay a cutting mat on the table.
*Please use glue in fully ventilated spases.
*If you spray the models, please wear rubber gloves and a mask.