1.About works on my website

1)PDF files and Papercraft models:Please don't upload, redistribute, or sell all the PDF files saved and shared in my cloud and the data exported based on it without permission. Also, please don't sell models based on them.
2)JPG images:For referral or reference, you could reprint the JPG of the models images, sample template images, and assembly instructions images that exists on my website. However, please use these in common sense. Use for sales purposes is prohibited. If possible, when reprinting, please include the author's source, such as the name of "mogami" or the URL of my website.
3)PNG images:Please don't reprint the PNG that exists on my website.
4)Templates and Papercraft models modifications:You could modify the scale of the templates, paint the models, etc. But, please use these as well in common sense. For example, it is prohibited to modify or sell the templates or textures itself.
5)Overpainting:I'm overpainting the templates to make the finish beautiful.
6)Assembling:The models on my site are designed to be assembled in either the "Assembly Instructions" or "Signs and Terms used".
7)English explanation:I’m not good at English, so I would appreciate it if you could report any mistakes.
8)Template files distribution:The template files distribution may be suspended without notice.


1)Twitter:Occasionally I tweet my papercraft models design process.
2)Pepakura Designer:This software supports papercraft models design. The papercraft models on my site is designed by Pepakura Designer.
3)Pepakura Web Database:This site is a collection of site links of papercraft models.
4)Unsplash / Pixaboy / O-DAN:These are free stock photo sites. The background of the papercraft models on my site uses images downloaded from here.
5)GoogleFonts:This site is useful for web design, font selection for papercraft templates, etc.


1)Links and Referrals:Links and referrals are welcome. Please use the JPG images on my website for the referral. Also, please include the author's source in it if possible.