Fake book boxes | Wine red Ⅰ- A type box

  • 2022.12

These papercrafts are made by assembling the templates with realistic paintings. The paintings are reminiscent of a real antique book with leather patterns, gold leaf, paper bundles, dust and sand marks. These are available at the mogami shop.

Outer diameter
XS – W:190 H:40 D:130
S – W:210 H:45 D:148
M – W:230 H:40 D:150
L – W:250 H:45 D:160
XL – W:270 H:50 D:180
Inner diameter (accessory storage)
XS – W:157.5 H:34.3 D:98.5
S – W:178 H:38.6 D:117
M – W:197.5 H:34.3 D:118.5
L – W:217.5 H:38.6 D:128.5
XL – W:237.5 H:42.9 D:148.5
Assembly time (per book) – Around 4~6 hours
Assembly instructions – Google Drive
Printer paper – Super fine paper ③ or ④, Size – A4 (Reference links)
How to assemble (Reference links)
Printing preferences (Reference links)