Cutter knife (30°)

  • 2023.01

It is the craft cutter knife and is suitable for detailed work. I use the black snap off blades (30°) which cut well. However, instead of cutting well, it is less durable than a regular blade. Therefore, the speed of blade consumption is fast. An alternative is an art knife. Please refer to the website links for detailed features and prices.

1) Cutter knife body
Website:Product page, Google shopping
Name:Limited SK
Features:30° sharp-edged blade, craft cutter knife

2) Black snap off blades (30°)
Website:Product page, Google shopping ①, Google shopping ②
Brand:NT Cutter
Name:Spare blade Precision 30 degree segmented black/100 blades
Features:Sharpens better than normal blades, but less durable