Plastic container

  • 2023.01

The container is used to hold only the amount of glue to be used. It is used in combination with a metal spatula or toothpick. I recommend that the container be a moisturizing container with a hinged lid as shown on this page. An alternative tool is a yogurt cup, although it tends to dry out. Please refer to the website links for detailed features and prices.

Website:Product page, Google shopping
Number:TCC 070 CUP / TCC 070 CUP
Name:Sauce Cup With Lid (Hinged lid, 25 ml / 70 ml)
Volume・Size:25 ml (DIA – Φ49 mm, H – 25 mm) / 70 ml (DIA – Φ61 mm, H – 39 mm)
Material:Plastic (PP)
Features:Plastic for easy glue removal, Moisturizing container, Hinged lid for smooth opening and closing