Fake book boxes | POEMS Ⅰ- A type box

  • 2022.12

The works were based on a quote and modification of the Thomas Y. Crowell Company’s poems cover illustration from over 130 years ago. The original cover is lavishly decorated with beautiful Victorian patterns, embossed gold leaf, black stamping, and gold leaf on the text block. I incorporated these elements into the work as well, while creating a variety of more colorful covers. These are available at the mogami shop. The images is in preparation.

Outer diameter
XS – W:190 H:40 D:130
S – W:210 H:45 D:148
Inner diameter (accessory storage)
XS-W:157.5 H:34.3 D:98.5
S-W:178 H:38.6 D:117
Assembly time (per book) – Around 4~6 hours
Assembly instructions – Google Drive
Printer paper – Super fine paper ③ or ④, Size – A4 (Reference links)
How to assemble (Reference links)
Printing preferences (Reference links)