Memorable toys (MR. BROWN)

  • 2023.11

This is the work that was selected for the 31st Kamiwaza Grand Prize Competition. The following is the concept of the work.

A well-worn toy contains fragments of the memories of the people who have played with it. Scratches on a toy. A cover scratched by sand. A peeled surface. Scratches on the corners. A mark where the edge of the instructions has been bent. Paper that has faded in the sun. Dust and sand fading the surface. The toys leave many traces that remind us of how they have evolved over time. I made this work to give a glimpse of such a background. The materials used were gloss paper and semi-gloss spray.

The first image is an illustration I drew for the cover.
Width-127mm, Height-250mm, Depth-88mm (Size of box with cover)