• 2023.11

The meaning of “Tsunagu” is “connect,” “join,” and “link”.
This is the shadowbox artwork submitted to the JPA 10th Anniversary Paper Art Contest. The theme presented in the contest was heartwarming. The following is the concept I wrote when I entered the contest.

The girl and the dog join their limbs. The plants and flowers in the background are connected to surround both. The illustration of the leaves on the outer frame was also drawn with connecting in mind. I expressed the theme of heartwarming by incorporating various “tsunagu” into the work.

Assembly order
(0) Print 1.template.pdf double-sided according to the printing preferences.
(1) Assemble the A parts according to the signs and terms in the top right-hand corner of sheet A.
(2) Glue the gluing tabs except for the frame of the B-1 (*1).
(3) Insert the assembled A-parts inside the B-1.
(4) Glue the frame of the B-1.

Width-100mm, Height-148mm, Depth-20mm
Assembly instructions-Not included
Printer paper-Superfine paper②(1.template file), Size-A4(Reference links)
How to assemble(Reference links)
Printing preferences(Reference links)